Insurance Membership Contract

Criteria for Applying

In order to apply for housing with Cavendish Co-operative Homes Inc., you must be:

  • 16 years of age or older
  • A Canadian citizen, permanent resident, or refugee claimant
  • A permanent resident of Ontario immediately prior to occupancy with no principal residence outside of Ontario
  • Without any outstanding debts to a social housing provider or landlord

Application Process

In order to apply for membership, you must complete an application, which is available at the Cavendish Co-op office during office hours. If you are applying for a geared-to-income unit, no subsidy is available.

For a market value unit, this is the first step in the application process. Once you are approved, you will be contacted when a townhouse unit is coming available. Because our units are in high demand, there may be a 1 year wait for a unit to become available.

Before a person is approved for membership, a financial check and a reference check will be done, and a personal interview will be conducted by two trained co-op volunteers. All adult members of the household must attend an interview session. This is to ensure that every prospective Co-op member looking to live at Cavendish Co-operative Homes fully understands what it means to live co-operatively and what is expected of them after they move in. The application will be discussed by the interview committee and recommend the acceptance on to the Board of Directors for their approval. In some cases, applications are denied. If this happens, applicants may appeal to the Board of Directors to reverse the decision.