Life at Cavendish

Cavendish Co-op is based on the principle of participatory democracy, and its operation is controlled by its members. Residents are members, not tenants, and there is no landlord.

The co-op is governed by a Board of Directors who are elected by the members to oversee the daily functioning of the co-op. The Board of Directors consist of a President, Vice-President, Corporate Secretary, Treasurer and six other Directors.

Each member is expected to assist in some aspect of co-op operations. This can include attending general meetings, being a part of one or more committees, taking on tasks around the co-op. The co-op is very proud of the level of community involvement, which helps to build community spirit, make the co-op more democratic and keep housing charges as affordable as possible.

The Property Manager is responsible for ensuring that the co-op buildings and grounds are well maintained.

The Membership/Social Committee plays a very important role in creating fun events for members and their children. Past events have including a Halloween Party, an Easter Party Day, Childrens’ Christmas Party and an Adult’s Christmas Party.

The Personnel Committee administers the employment contracts with the Manager.

Short term committees are created each year – Ad Hoc committees.

For more information on how to join a committee or get involved in other ways, please feel free to call the Cavendish Co-op office at 905-335-0280.